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Need Help Keeping Your Cool?

Find commercial refrigeration repair services in Casper, WY

If you run a convenience store, restaurant or bar, your cooler or freezer is important for the business you do. If your commercial refrigeration unit breaks down, you could lose money from spoiled food or lose business from sick customers. Turn to Tim Force Tin Shop of Casper, WY to address your commercial refrigeration issues. We’ll make sure your cooler’s up and running and ready for business.

You can reach us at 660-827-9921 to learn more about our commercial refrigeration services.

4 signs your commercial refrigerator is in need of repair

A malfunctioning commercial cooler or freezer can be costly to your business. Here are a few indicators that you should seek professional assistance for your commercial refrigeration unit:

  1. Your food is spoiling sooner than it should
  2. Your frozen foods are warm or thawed
  3. Your refrigeration unit is making strange noises
  4. Your unit is leaking refrigerant

Work with Tim Force Tin Shop to get to the bottom of your commercial refrigeration issues.