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Hire the Clean Air Specialists at Tim Force Tin Shop

Residential and commercial duct installation, repair and maintenance services in Casper, WY

What’s flowing through your air duct vents? Did you know that dirty heating and cooling systems often lead to airflow blockage, system damage and interior pollution from dust, debris and mold? These things aren’t good for your property, your health or your wallet. Don’t risk property damage and unexpected expenses. Let Tim Force Tin Shop improve your air quality in the Casper, Wyoming area.

Breathe easy with Tim Force Tin Shop of Casper, WY

Our highly trained team has the experience and skills necessary to work with any residential or commercial duct system in the Casper area. Our services include:

  • Full-house duct cleaning and sealing on any size system
  • Fabricating custom-designed duct systems in our sheet metal shop
  • Using the proper equipment and materials to clean, repair and install ducts

Improve the air quality in your Casper, WY home or commercial facility. Call 307-265-9300 to schedule ductwork services with Tim Force Tin Shop.